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Teacher and Pupil


Counseling. Coaching. Consultation.


Are You Ready For a Change?

Empowering Minds provides personalized mentorship for students, focusing on academic planning, career development, and soft skills. Our experienced team is committed to long-term support and holistic growth, guiding students towards success in both academics and personal life. Join them for a journey of excellence and fulfillment.

Mentor Spotlight

Meet Connor and Laura! These incredible team members have overcome and learned though their own challenges and personal experiences - now wanting to teach and support the visions of other students!


My son was struggling with problems from his ADHD and Dyslexia, and I cannot tell you how releived I am that we went through mentoring. He has so much more confidence going into his second year of high school and knows the tools he needs to stay on track!

It can be hard for my 21 year old son to hear new ideas from me. Having a role model around his age who could realate to him better opened him up to new ideas and points of view.

My 13 year old has (or "had") a big motivation problem with school. Since mentoring with Sam, she's discovered what really motivates her (she wants to be a veteranarian!) and is now volunteering for our local dog shelter. I can't wait to see how she does in school now that she knows what to work towards! 

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